M a i s i e   C a k e s


By Maisie Cass

Happiness is knowing there is cake in the oven

What can I say, I love cake! There’s just no denying it, cake makes me happy. The wonderfully comforting smell of a freshly baked cake that has just come out of the oven, the silky smooth buttercream temptingly peeking out from in between the layers of deliciously soft sponge and so many possible flavour combinations to satisfy whatever your taste buds desire, mmmmmm yum!


But what makes me even happier, is when all those things I love about cake can then be turned into a work of art, an object to be admired, to be oooo’d and aaahh’d over. A creation that makes other people smile in anticipation of what edible delights are hidden underneath that beautiful exterior.

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My love of cakes does not completely extend to fondant icing though and therefore you will find that my cakes come lovingly adorned with silky smooth, melt in the mouth buttercream.


I'm not just talking about your everyday American Frosting Buttercream, here you'll find the likes of Swiss Meringue and Italian Buttercream that uses only the finest organic butter and organic free-range eggs, where the flavours and texture are divine. From the elegantly understated semi-naked cakes, to extravagant, marble and gold, 5 tier centrepieces.


Whatever your taste or style, there is a stunning buttercream cake just for your special occasion. 

So if like me, you prefer your buttercream to your fondant icing, and you want a show stopper of a cake, that is an original piece of artwork and will have your guests talking about, then get in touch.

There really is nothing that makes me happier than seeing my cakes bringing happiness and joy to those that receive them.

Maisie x

I absolutely love being given free rein